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Archibald, our mascot

Who hasn’t noticed the funny elephant next to the Arcopal brand? And isn’t an elephant and tableware something of a contradiction? No way!

Archibald: the opal ambassador

Archibald, Archie to his friends, is the best ambassador one could ask for. Strong and vigorous, he can really test the resistance and durability of all Arcopal opal ware, from glasses to plates, salad bowls and even champagne flutes. Remember how he used to climb on top of them as proof!

Nothing wishy-washy about Archie! And let’s not forget his cheerful nature, his joie de vivre, his clowning but also his sociable side, for Archibald is ready to share good times any day around a happy table. Breakfast time? He’ll be there! Lunch? There again! And for teatime and dinner as well! Archibald won’t miss out on birthday parties either, nor sun-downers with friends or any other occasion to celebrate.

Archibald and opal: a love that’s made to last

To tell you a secret, Archibald is a collector in the true sense of the word and has got ALL the Arcopal tableware collections at home: Zelie, Adonie, Adriel, Celena and Celestine plates, as well as Pacome glasses. A real elephant in a tableware shop! But the opal ware that Archibald loves most of all are the limited editions, those that remind him of his childhood:  Veronica dishes sprinkled with little blue flowers and the Lotus dinner service with its orange flowers, symbol of Peace and Love.

It’s that quirky spirit, full of humour and surprise that has made Archibald and Arcopal a mascot and a brand recognised and loved by all from the Sixties till today.