Lotus Limited Edition

Edition limitée Lotus

Imagine Archibald, the Arcopal mascot, wearing bell-bottom trousers, a colourful shirt and a flower in his long hair, humming the words of Hair... That’s the iconic image that the Lotus opal ware collection brings to mind!

With the nostalgia of those tender years of his youth, Archibald offers us a flashback to the Sixties and Seventies to discover or rediscover tableware in bright colours. 

The story behind the Lotus collection

“Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sunshine in...” It was in the Sixties and Seventies, the heyday of Flower Power, that the unforgettable Arcopal Lotus collection was born, with dishes echoing the non-violent hippie symbol of the time: the flower!

Sprinkled with orange-petalled flowers, Lotus opal ware is pop and cheerful, filled with peace and love, bringing joy to every day. People loved the design, and the values too, and all of them, young, not-so-young, and families favoured this collection that came in plates, bowls and cups, and even serving dishes.