Veronica Limited Edition

Even if we don’t know the name, those little blue flowers bring back delightful memories! Because, like Archibald, there must be many of us who shared meals with family or friends on opal dinnerware decorated with that legendary motif.

An iconic image, Arcopal tableware has withstood the test of time and lives on in all of our memories: the Veronica collection in particular takes Archibald back to his earliest childhood, when his mother told him the story behind the little blue flowers that he could see on this plate every day.   

Once upon a time there was Veronica

This true story starts in France, in the North to be precise, where a doting and thoughtful grandfather gave his beloved granddaughter Véronique a box of paints and brushes.
Delighted with the present, the little girl immediately started painting the prettiest picture she could to thank her adorable grandfather.
A bit of blue, a dash of green, a touch of inventiveness and lots of love... And that’s how a pretty posy of small blue flowers came to be on Véronique’s white sheet of paper.
Deeply touched, the grandfather who was none other than Jacques Durand, founder of Arcopal, had the marvellous idea to use the motif to create Veronica, which would become one of his legendary opal ware collections.