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Opal benefits

Opal benefits

Strength, resistance and durability! If Arcopal tableware withstands the test of time, it’s first of all thanks to its quality. And Archibald, our mascot, for one won’t deny it! He guarantees us Arcopal products that are made only from tempered glass and prime quality opal.

Surrounded by his plates and glasses, like an elephant in a tableware shop, Archibald is bursting with impatience to tell us about the benefits of opal... Follow the guide!

Resistance and hygiene are particular qualities of opal ware. Qualities that are tested and approved by Archibald to meet all of our daily needs and keep bringing us more happy times together as a family or with friends.   

No more broken or chipped plates

Made from tempered glass, Arcopal opal ware gets exclusive thermal treatment that gives it mechanical resistance of up to three times more than other tableware. Shock-resistance that means we no longer need to worry about little ones’ carelessness, bigger ones’ awkwardness, or a clumsy elephant!

Best friends with your dishwasher

Archibald hates washing up by hand... and we agree with him! That’s why opal can go in your standard dishwasher without any risk. Glasses and Opal plates withstand the wear and tear and retain their shine, brightness and especially their designs, for what would a Lotus plate be without its orange petals?

Standing up to the heat

If like Archibald we are always in a hurry and often take our dishes directly from the fridge to the microwave, we are going to love Arcopal tableware! Tempered glass gives it genuine resistance to thermal shocks even with temperature differences of up to 135°C.    

Uncontested hygiene

Arcopal ware is non-porous, which means that no microorganisms will get stuck in it. With tableware that is 100% hygienic and easy to clean, Archibald has no need to worry about bacteria and feels reassured about his and his dear ones’ health!